Our roller shutters add extra security to your business premises. We supply & install motorised roller shutter, motorised shutter with remote control and manual operated shutter with variety of slats option. 
All of our shopfronts and shutters are manufactured locally in London enabling us to have a quick turn around time and swift installation.

Grille Shutter

The most ideal shutter for businesses wanting their clients/customers to be able to view the product display / business interiors even with the shutter rolled down.
The grille shutter utilises chain-link system which enables maximum visibility and additional security to the business simultaneously.

Punch Hole / Mail box Shutter

Punch Hole slats allow 60% visibility to the inside of a business premises even with the shutter rolled down.
These shutter slats have mail box size holes punched through them in equal intervals. A secure and sturdy shutter for peace of mind.

Pin Hole / Perforated Shutter

Perforated shutter also known as pin hole shutter are made of slats with 3mm – 5mm thick holes in oval or circular shape.
When the shutter is rolled down the visibility to the inside of a business premises is less than 30%.

*Most cost effective and well recommended to businesses that need security and privacy.

Solid Shutter

The most secured and sturdy of all shutters,
Roller Shutter with Solid slats with 0% visibility to the inside of a business premises.

*Ideal for warehouses, workshops, storages, garages etc.