Awning | Canopy

We supply and install bespoke awnings and canopies that enhance looks of your shopfront and also create extra space for your premises; an outdoor seating area for a restaurant or display area outside shop.
The awning or canopy is manufactured to your requirements; you can choose from wide range of colours, styles and finishes we offer.


We supply and install bespoke awnings tailored to your requirements. We offer motorised awnings with ease of use, operate using remote control or switch; or opt for manual awning. All awnings are locally manufactured in London, we offer a range of colours, styles and finishes; choose the colour, style, finish that suits your requirements and we will have it swiftly installed in 3 to 5 working days


We mainly supply and install three type of canopies; Dutch Canopy, Wedge Canopy and Elliptical Canopy. Customise your canopy, select required colour, style and finish from range of colours, many styles and variety of finishes we offer.
Our canopies are tailor-made and manufactured locally in London; this enables us to swiftly complete the installation with in 3 to 7 working days.